E Book 13: Seventeen Best Warm Ups

Can coaches please explain to their players why we do a warm up to reinforce the concept?
Main Objectives
1.  To allow the ATP-CP (Alactacid) and the oxygen (lactacid) energy systems to produce energy to get up to speed in preparation for the work they will do.
2.  To warm muscles and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) and stretch them to their working lengths to reduce the chance of injury.
3.  To allow us to mentally focus and get ready for the task in hand and practice some of the skills that may be required.
Elements of Warm Up:
1.  Activities to Raise the Heart Rate
Gradual increase recommended, heat produced in the body warms up the muscles.
2.  Game specific movements (Awareness session)
Slow pace – half pace – faster pace. Changes in direction, turning and striding out
Passing – Receiving and turning.
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E Book  13: Seventeen Best Warm Ups